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Waukesha Parade Attacker Takes His Disrespect for the Court to a New Level

Law & Crime

Waukesha parade attack defendant Darrell Brooks continued his antics on Monday as the prosecution is close to resting its case against him for the murder of six people and injuring dozens of others. While Brooks has decreased his outbursts in the courtroom, he finds ways to rebel in a less vocal manner. 


At the end of the day's proceedings on Monday, Brooks tore up a copy of the order on jurisdiction while Judge Jennifer Dorow was dismissing the jury.

Brooks has claimed throughout the trial he is a sovereign citizen and has contested the state of Wisconsin has jurisdiction over the case. He has gone as far to say his case should be dismissed because the prosecution has not brought any of his victims who survived getting hit by the SUV to testify in court.

"Where's the injured party? Is the injured party in this court right now? Can anyone make a claim against me? Can you make a claim against me, your Honor? Do you know you know of anyone who can make a claim against me, your Honor? Can anyone right now in court make a claim against me? And because of that, your Honor, the motion to dismissed should be granted based on that alone. There is no injured party in this matter. So who makes the claim? Who?" Brooks stated last week.


Monday's witnesses detailed their interactions with Brooks after he fled the scene of the parade. One man gave Brooks a coat and a sandwich because Brooks said he was homeless and needed help. After Brooks once again objected during the trial to being called by that name, video was played from a body camera during the moment he was arrested after the Waukesha parade attack. When asked by an officer in the video what his name was, he replied Darrell Brooks.

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