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Townhall Media/Julio Rosas

TEXAS — Illegal immigration into the United States is nothing new. The dangers of the perilous journey to America's southern border are also not new, with everything from drug cartels to the outdoor elements claiming the lives of people trying to sneak into the country.


In the Rio Grande Valley as part of the Texas Public Policy Foundation Border Security Coalition's recent tour of the region, participants were able to hear directly from locals who explained how the historic influx of illegal crossings that started under the Biden administration has made the typical problems of the border much worse due to the White House's embrace of open border policies.

On the banks of the Rio Grande, Othal Brand, who is president of the Hidalgo County Water Improvement District No.3, detailed his belief the situation will become much worse than it already is once Title 42 goes away on May 23rd. Title 42 is a public health order that allows Border Patrol to quickly expel illegal immigrants to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

"They're all just cringing because they say it'll be the most mammoth amount of people ever seen come across this border in the history of this valley," Brand said about what Border Patrol has told him. "I tell you what I anticipate if they hit the numbers they say: [illegal immigrants] walking around the streets of McAllen. That's what they're going to do." 

Brand said they built a boat ramp near the water station to allow Border Patrol to have easier access to 13 miles of the Rio Grande. Despite the increased presence of Border Patrol, Brand revealed his workers have been shot at from drug mules bringing in their loads. He told the workers they can carry guns or stun guns at work to protect themselves.


"So, when my men come to work we have no idea, and they walk up right up to our car, if they are that one percent [of criminals] or if just somebody working for a better life. What are you going to assume?"

When the Border Security Coalition visited the ranch in Roma, Texas that belonged to a lifetime local named Richard Guerra, local law enforcement said they have seen an increase of illegal immigrants being left behind by coyotes and women who have been raped along the journey.

Captain Eddie Cruz, of the Kenedy County Sheriff's Office, said he encountered a woman who was raped in the brush and there was another woman with her but when the smugglers dragged her into the brush, she heard a gunshot and the woman never came out.

"Honestly, these people have no regard for human life. I worked a case a couple of months ago, where it was a father and son that were guiding these undocumented [people] and they took turns, the father held the female down while the son sexually assaulted then they switched places...It really is a tragedy and for the federal government to not do anything about it is even worse."

Guerra, whose family's ranch is one mile from the U.S.-Mexico border, told the delegation one of his workers was robbed by drug smugglers. One of them made a phone call to ask what to do with the worker, but the voice on the other end said to let him go. The worker never came back to the ranch after that.


In Eagle Pass, Texas, which is part of the Del Rio Sector, many people continued to illegally cross the Rio Grande throughout the day. The problem is the river's very strong current. One group who made an attempt were quickly swept away, floating down long past their intended spot on the American side. Many of them screamed for help, prompting at least one Border Patrol agent to wade into the water to fish people out.

It was a common theme to hear that while problems have long-existed at the southern border, all said the problems have become even worse since Biden took office. With the end of Title 42 on the horizon, all those at the border can do is wait for impact.


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