Tucker Carlson Explains Why He Hates Today's Generation of Journalists So Much

Posted: Aug 23, 2021 5:25 PM
Tucker Carlson Explains Why He Hates Today's Generation of Journalists So Much

Source: Gage Skidmore

Fox News host Tucker Carlson explained to The Blaze's Glenn Beck why he hates modern-day journalists despite growing around the profession since his father and his father's friends worked in the media.

Carlson's main beef with today's crop of journalists is most of them are not brave and would rather sit at home or in the office to act as some glorified hall monitor with large platforms.

"It's a personal offense. It's just the worst people have gone into it. Technocratic, dishonest, careerist, stupid, cowards. I mean, you're supposed to be brave. When I was a kid, my Dad worked for ABC News and he would have his cameramen and the sound guy and they were always over dinner...telling stories about women and places they went, stories they did," Carlson said.

He noted the crew had covered the Watts riots in Los Angeles and "they were tough and cool. They've been places, done things," unlike today where many journalists "are just like such wuss bags, I hate them."

Indeed such old-fashioned, shoe-leather journalism is hard to find these days among the big city media bubbles. While that is not to say there is no hard work involved when working on a story in an office, but there is something different when you chew the dirt and go out and cover events like riots. What makes it worse is it feels many people in the mainstream media today have their biases blind them to what is occurring in certain locations or for events while sitting in the comfort of their makeshift home offices.

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