TX AG Paxton: The Biden Administration Has a 'Partnership' with the Mexican Cartels

Posted: Jun 17, 2021 11:10 AM
TX AG Paxton: The Biden Administration Has a 'Partnership' with the Mexican Cartels

Source: AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is no fan of the way President Joe Biden's administration is handling the ongoing crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border, telling Townhall the Biden-Harris administration practically has a "partnership" with the Mexican cartels.

Paxton said there's "no doubt" cartel activity within the state has increased since the influx of illegal crossings, spurred by Biden's open border policies and rhetoric, meaning more money going toward the cartels, which in turn, gives them more power.

"The cartels have been incredibly enhanced by the Biden administration. Matter of fact, I would say it's like a partnership between the Biden administration and the cartels because the cartels take advantage of the immigrants...they're having to pay, they become indebted to these cartels," Paxton said.

"The consequences to the country, the cost of this [surge] both socially and economically are all bad, so the only beneficiary from the Biden policies that I can see are the cartels. I'm sure the cartels will be happy to have Biden elected for as long as he'll stay there to help them," he added.

The state of Texas has taken dramatic steps to try to address the historic surge of illegal border crossings. Gov. Greg Abbott (R) initiated Operation Lone Star in March, which directed state troopers and the National Guard to the border. Abbott recently announced Texas will start building barriers along the southern border. Paxton said illegal immigrants who are caught interfering with the state property will have to be prosecuted by the individual district attorneys.

Paxton said he believes not enough attention has been brought to the average American citizens who live near the border and have to contend with the daily flow of illegal traffic, which has increased dramatically since January.

"There are potentially hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people who are literally harmed on an individual basis. Both from the standpoint of those who are coming across the border are now beholden to the cartels and those who are victims of some types of violence," he said, especially "given that the federal government has looked them in the face and said, 'Look, not only are we not going to help you, but we're going to invite the trouble to your place so good luck.'"

Texas and Arizona are soon getting help from Florida. Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) who said his state will respond to their calls for help and send law enforcement personnel to the border with Mexico. Due to the vastness of the terrain at both the border and within the United States, more manpower, in addition to technology, is always needed.