Latino Trump Supporter Reacts to Being Called a 'F**king Sp*c' By Anti-Trump Protester

Posted: Nov 13, 2020 6:30 PM

Warning: Story contains graphic language  

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The situation was tense at Black Lives Matter Plaza the day before the "March for Trump" rally that is set to take place in the nation's capital on Saturday. A group of Trump supporters gathered at BLM Plaza, which is near the White House, and that drew out anti-Trump protesters.

Trump supporters getting into verbal confrontations with BLM and anti-Trump counter-protesters was a common sight, with D.C. Metro police trying their best to keep the two sides separate. A few Trump supporters also tore down the pro-BLM and anti-Trump signs that have been put on the fence protecting Lafayette Square.

A Hispanic family who came to Washington, D.C. from Texas to be part of the pro-Trump march was trying to get to their hotel when they got caught up in the tense confrontations.

One anti-Trump agitator then started to yell that the Hispanic family's nine-month old baby was racist since his parents were racist for supporting Trump. When the husband said he is Hispanic and not racist, the agitator continued to berate him and his family. 

"He don't even like your a** f**king sp*c!" the agitator shouted.

In an interview with Townhall after the incident, the man said it was wrong for the agitators to be harassing people.

"They're out here protesting inequality yet they're racially profiling me. So I mean, how does that work? I guess their life matters but mine doesn't because I'm Hispanic. So it just doesn't make sense," the man said.


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