Don Lemon Questions If CNN Should Have Aired 'Propaganda Video' of Trump Speaking at Campaign HQ

Posted: Nov 03, 2020 4:50 PM
Don Lemon Questions If CNN Should Have Aired 'Propaganda Video' of Trump Speaking at Campaign HQ

Source: Jason Mendez/Invision/AP

CNN host Don Lemon asked on Tuesday if CNN should have aired President Trump's visit to his reelection campaign headquarters because Trump's statements made while he visited was "propaganda."

Lemon and anchor Erin Burnett appeared after Trump finished his remarks to his campaign team, with Lemon stating "basically we heard a lot of propaganda from the president of the United States," that needed to be fact-checked.

Lemon focused on Trump's criticism of the Supreme Court ruling that allowed mailed-in ballots to be counted up to three days after election day.

"Remember, it’s a Republican legislature that made the decision not to count early vote tallies or ballots until tomorrow. That’s in Pennsylvania. So that was propaganda. Also, we have to remember when he says everyone should know on Election Day by November — there were states in 2016 that the president did not know that he won until it was — the votes were counted after Election Day," Lemon said. "There’s nothing unusual about the votes being counted after Election Day."

"He also said tremendous unity in the country. There’s not tremendous — he’s talking about the folks at the Trump rally. There’s not tremendous unity in the country when you have Trump supporters out on interstates trying to run down buses and drive Biden campaign people off the road," Lemon continued. 

"So there’s so much to talk about. I almost feel like I’m not sure if we should be running this propaganda video as people are still going to the polls to vote today because not much of what he said if anything was true," he added.

In regards to the Biden campaign bus incident in Texas, the preliminary investigation has found the "at-fault vehicle" may be the Biden-Harris staffer’s car that suffered minor damage, while the "victim" appears to be one of the Trump vehicles.

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