Seattle Radio Host Who Supported CHAZ Has a Change of Heart After Rioters Attack His Apartment

Posted: Jul 27, 2020 9:45 AM

In a "life comes at you fast moment," Paul Gallant, who is a radio host for 710 ESPN Seattle, documented how rioters destroyed the Starbucks that is attached to his apartment complex over the weekend. Riots broke out in response to President Trump sending federal agents to the city to help protect government property.

Gallant posted on his Twitter account the damage that was done to the Starbucks and said the Seattle police told residents to stay away as there could have been explosives thrown inside. Gallant was "really angry" and said he was planning to take his cat and get "g’ing t f out," adding he is considering buying a firearm.

While Gallant was upset at his place of residence was attacked, he had been supportive of the "Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone," also known as the "Capitol Hill Occupied Protest," when it was created after days of rioters clashing with Seattle Police.

When Trump tweeted how Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkin (D) said the CHAZ could be part of their "summer of love," Gallant pushed back against Trump, who called for the city to take back the area from the anarchists.

Users on Twitter were quick to point out Gallant's previous "chill dawg" to Trump when it was an area of the city that he did not live in. The CHAZ/CHOP was taken back by police after multiple crimes, including murders, occurred in and around the zone and police were unable to properly investigate.

Gallant tweeted that he stands by what he originally told Trump. 

"Chaz/Chop/whatever didn’t seem as bad as portrayed by those outside of it. I‘d walked through it a few times. Then burning & pillaging actually happened. Classic," he said.