DC Protesters Burn American Flags and Continue to Taunt Police Near the White House

Posted: Jun 24, 2020 12:50 PM

Warning: Graphic content

Washington, D.C. — Protesters continued to gather near the White House on Tuesday after they were unsuccessful in tearing down the statue of President Andrew Jackson in Lafayette Park the day before. They were upset as D.C. police had pushed the perimeter a block away, forcing people into the newly named Black Lives Matter Plaza.

Protests linked up arms and stood in front of the police line, having the white people in the front to protect the minorities in the crowd in case police took action against the crowd.

The crowd would often break out in chants and shout at the officers "F**k 12!" and "Quit your job!" A few fights broke out among the crowd:

As the night wore on, protesters turned into agitators and taunted the police officers, sometimes shining flashlights in their faces to disorient them: 

Just before midnight, some of the protesters hoisted up an American flag on a street pole and set it ablaze, which drew lots of cheers from the crowd. Another person gathered small American flags and used an accelerant to create a burn pile:  

While all of this was occurring, work crews were setting up fencing around St. John's church and Lafayette Park to prevent people from entering the areas. Once the work crews were done, police left the line. The remaining crowd celebrated by setting off fireworks and entered the area just outside the park.