Seattle's Approach to Protesters Creating 'Autonomous Zone' at Abandoned Police Station? Appeasement

Posted: Jun 10, 2020 2:10 PM

Seattle, Wash. — Protesters have quickly made themselves at home outside the now-abandoned Seattle Police East Precinct. While they are happy with their small victory at "owning" a few city blocks in the city's Capitol Hill neighborhood, they have their sights set on bigger goals, with the city and state government trying to ease tensions by not interfering.

Protesters were out in force in the "Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone" area, with rallies and marches taking place throughout the day. As they were demonstrating, police were nowhere to be found, evidence the city has indeed given up on the area for now.

Multiple speakers at one evening rally voiced their support for the complete defunding and dismantling of the Seattle Police Department. Flyers were given out to explain what a police department-free Seattle would look like.

The evening culminated in a large protest group taking over the lobby of Seattle's City Hall, which they gained access to by City Councilwoman Kshama Sawant. Once inside, protesters demanded Mayor Jenny Durkan to resign.

No Seattle police were present while the protesters were inside the lobby.

After the crowd was done making their statement at City Hall, they made their way back to the "Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone," which had the atmosphere of a block party. There were food and coffee stations, along with a large projector screen and speakers playing the "13th" documentary. 

The East Precinct is now being called a "community center" and, as previously reported, it appears the crowds controlling the area do not intend on giving it up any time soon.