Los Angeles Police and Sheriff's Department Crack Down On Looters and Curfew Violators

Posted: Jun 02, 2020 2:35 PM

Los Angeles, Calif. — Law enforcement in Los Angeles finally got a handle on looters that had been plaguing the area as they have been taking advantage of the country-wide chaos in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis while he was in police custody.

Most of the weekend in Los Angeles saw looting in Santa Monica and Long Beach, where police presence was almost nonexistent.

Police were out in force on Monday. Multiple Los Angeles police cars were constantly patrolling the city's streets. When a Walgreens in Van Nuys started to get looted by over 20 people after curfew, police swiftly moved in and apprehended them.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department provided two buses to take the large group of looters and curfew violators away.

A Los Angeles police sergeant told Townhall they were better prepared for looters than compared to the weekend. Despite those who are arrested for some crimes and still able to walk out of jail without making bail because COVID-19 policies still being in place, looting does not qualify under the policy. All looters will be required to make bail or wait to see a judge.

In Minneapolis, law enforcement appears to now have the manpower to enforce the curfew that has been put in place since Friday. Widespread looting and riots, however, had been occurring since last Wednesday.