Jimmy Kimmel Cries Victim After Falsely Accusing VP Pence of Delivering Empty PPE Boxes

Posted: May 12, 2020 2:00 PM
Jimmy Kimmel Cries Victim After Falsely Accusing VP Pence of Delivering Empty PPE Boxes

Source: Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP

Late night host Jimmy Kimmel responded to the controversy he created during Thursday's episode of his show, where he falsely accused of Vice President Mike Pence of delivering empty boxes to a nursing home while claiming they were full of personal protective equipment for the nurses.

The video Kimmel showed only showed the ending portion of Pence's trip, where after delivering full boxes, he joked if he should carry the empty boxes to show off for the camera. 

Kimmel's segment caused a firestorm against Pence on the false narrative after it was shared on social media. Many reporters in the mainstream media pushed the video without confirming Kimmel's claims.

"How anyone can tell when Mike Pence is joking I don’t know. I didn’t know. But he was joking. I didn’t know because I had only seen part of the video. Turns out, there were 29 minutes of this on C-SPAN, that apparently indicate he was joking about the empty boxes for the cameras," Kimmel said on Monday. "Which, again, I did not know because I don’t have the mental endurance it requires to watch Mike Pence deliver boxes for 29 minutes on C-SPAN. But I should have watched the whole thing. I guess. Bottom line is, I was wrong. He was joking. I didn’t know. I made a mistake. And when I found out I was wrong I acknowledged it by taking the video down and tweeting an apology of sorts."

Kimmel then criticized the people who sent him and his family death threats while having "Christian" in their social media bios.

"But the outrage from the MAGA hats, the outpouring of venom was disgusting. Stupid too, but mostly disgusting. Some of these lunatics have the audacity to use the word 'Christian' in their bios, but that didn’t stop them from wishing death on me, on my family, on my son. Some of them said they hope my son dies. They threatened my wife. There were hundreds of horrible, hateful, sometimes violent Twitter and Facebook posts," he said.

Kimmel insisted he did not show a "doctored" video because "we didn’t do anything to it."

"Doctors are the people Donald Trump doesn’t listen to and doctored videos are something Donald Trump posts all the time," he continued.

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