WATCH: Liberal Protesters Have a Meltdown After They Find Out the Senate Votes Against Witnesses

Posted: Jan 31, 2020 9:10 PM

Washington, D.C. — Pro-impeachment protesters were not happy when they found out during their demonstration outside the Capitol building that the Senate voted against having more witnesses and documents in President Trump's impeachment trial.

Protesters had been chanting, "Convict, remove, send Donald Trump to jail. This fascist regime, is guilty as hell!" prior to the Senate's vote.

When the vote was over, the crowd began to chant "Shame!" While there had been a small Capitol Police presence, more were brought in as the crowd became more agitated in the wake of the vote. 

"Our government has failed us," a protester who had been using a megaphone told those who had gathered.

One man repeatedly screamed "Fu*k Trump!" and called the president a "dictator." One woman vigorously shook her bell. Another woman was using a megaphone to shout at the Capitol building, "Who do you serve?"

While the attendance for this last-minute protest was only around 60 people, the very low attendance was an outlier for the week, where daily protests have been held in and around Capitol Hill.

Despite having been on a workday on Wednesday, around 500 protesters showed up inside the Hart Senate Office building and at the Capitol building to demand the Senate allow more witnesses to testify. Protesters chanted that not having additional witnesses would equate to a "cover-up."