Pro-Impeachment Protest Attendance Dramatically Increases as Senate Trial Heats Up

Posted: Jan 29, 2020 3:50 PM

Washington, D.C. — As the Senate's impeachment trial into President Trump continues and as the new battle in the upper chamber shifts on if more witnesses should appear, more pro-impeachment protesters are turning out inside the nation's capital.

Despite it being on a workday, around 500 protesters showed up inside the Hart Senate Office building and at the Capitol building to demand the Senate allow more witnesses to testify at the trial. Protesters chanted not having additional witnesses would equate to a "cover-up."

Protesters made their way to the steps of the Capitol building and unfurled a giant banner that featured the wording for Article II, Section 4 of the Constitution, which states the president can be impeached and removed for treason, bribery, high crimes, and misdemeanors.

Capitol Police moved most of the protesters away from the steps for protesting without a permit. Those that stayed behind were arrested one by one and escorted off the steps.

The number of protesters has dramatically increased from the beginning of the month, where they only numbered at a few dozen.

Since the "Remove Trump" group has been on Capitol Hill every day, one would wonder if they have jobs. A group's spokesperson said some people do take time off of work and away from their families to come at noon.

"Our country is in danger. You have to make a choice to go away from your families, and friends, and your work and sacrifice your life for the good of the nation," Myra Slotnick said.