Former Clinton Press Sec Goes Viral Over Two Republicans Worrying About Impeachment — Admits He Made It Up

Posted: Jan 23, 2020 11:00 AM

Joe Lockhart, who is a CNN political analyst and former press secretary to President Bill Clinton, tweeted on Wednesday that he overheard two Republican senators who were shocked to hear the evidence impeachment manager Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) was presenting in the Senate trial of President Trump.

"Overheard convo between two Republican Senators who only watch Fox News. 'is this stuff real? I haven't heard any of this before. I thought it was all about a server.  If half the stuff Schiff is saying is true, we're up sh*t's creek. Hope the White House has exculpatory evidence,'" Lockhart tweeted.

Shortly after sending the tweet, Lockhart, who is also host of the "Words Matter Podcast," then sent a follow up tweet saying that he "maybe...made up the convo, but you know that's exactly what they're thinking."

Lockhart's tweet went viral, with Democratic Coalition Co-Founder Scott Dworkin parroting the made up the conversation, which also went viral.

Lockhart was heavily criticized for the tweet, but he defended the tweet since it was satire and refuses to apologize. Lockhart gave no indication in the tweet that it was satire.

"Satire to make the point that Senators that are deciding the President's fate who only watch Fox News have never heard this stuff before. Because Fox is part of the coverup," he said.