Rep. Al Green Admits When Democrats Wanted to Impeach Trump

Posted: Dec 31, 2019 11:30 AM

Rep. Al Green (D-TX) admitted during his Monday interview with MSNBC's Chris Hayes when Democrats were determined to impeach President Trump and get him removed from office.

Hayes asked Green how he would respond to Republicans accusing Democrats of wanting to impeach Trump from the very first day he was sworn in as president.

"Well, the genesis of impeachment, to be very candid with you, was when the president was running for office and he had members of his own party to talk about his unfitness to hold office," Green replied. "The persons who were running against him, Mr. Romney spoke of his not being fit to hold office. Mr. Cruz made statements about it. So the president didn’t have the luxury of persons from his party having been on his side, as it were, throughout this entire ordeal."

Green said Trump firing FBI Director James Comey was an example of him abusing the power of his office and trying to cover up his crimes.

"The White House counsel has not testified before the Senate yet. My hope is that he will be among those that will be called. Now more specifically, I said that the president would claim that he was exonerated if there were impeachable actions that he performed and we did not move to perform our duty to impeach him. He has distorted the truth. He has twisted it and tried to crush it to Earth," Green added.

Green, who has tried to impeach Trump multiple times before December, agreed with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) blocking the two articles of impeachment from moving to the Senate.

"Speaker Pelosi’s withholding the articles will give us an opportunity to find out whether there will be dignity and integrity as a part of the Senate’s trial," he said.