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Navy SEAL Vet Who Served With Dan Crenshaw: He Used SNL Joke to Show Solid Leadership

Eli Crane, Navy SEAL veteran and CEO of Bottle Breacher, says Pete Davidson’s joke about Congressman-elect Dan Crenshaw’s eye he had lost to an IED while serving as a SEAL wasn’t the worst thing to come out of late-night shows.


 “I will admit the joke and tone were not the worst thing I have seen coming from a liberal ‘comedy’ show,” Crane told Townhall. “What bothers me is how far we have fallen that these jokes about the appearance of a war hero who almost lost his life and will forever be disfigured are making the production cut to be delivered to millions on national television.”  

“I get that Pete is a comedian and like all comedians is afforded a little more leeway to bring laughter and levity into serious issues and situations,” he clarified. “That being said I doubt you would have seen the great Johnny Carson or Jay Leno go there.”

Crane, after all, would know about Crenshaw’s character since they had served together on SEAL Team 3 in Iraq:

“Dan was one of the many new guys that showed up to Task Unit Two during my final deployment to Iraq. Though he was new - he was tough, smart, and very well respected by his peers and teammates. Seeing as how I know how mentally and physically tough Dan happens to be, I’m not worried about these jokes about his appearance affecting him or causing him any real issues.”


Because of Crane’s past work with him, it was no surprise when he saw Crenshaw go on Saturday Night Live. Crenshaw was able to be both comedically-savage and classy at the same time.

"There’s a lot of lessons to learn here,” the now-Congressman-elect said on Saturday. “Not just that the left and right can agree on some things, but also this — Americans can forgive one another. We can remember what brings us together as a country and still see the good in each other.”

Crane told Townhall this showed the American people how Crenshaw will act when he represents his constituents in Washington, D.C.:

“Dan used the opportunity to, again, show solid leadership, his own sense of humor, and the ability to forget and move past an offense. I think this entire episode has been a positive one for our country. Not only were social norms reinforced with our citizens being reminded of how it’s out of bounds to insult the wounds suffered during combat but we also got to see polar, political opposites forgive and send a positive message of brotherhood and unity. It also doesn't hurt that at the end of the day our country gained another solid leader who will continue his fight for the land we all love.”

 “Whether we are Democrats, Republicans or independents, we should cherish and hold in the highest regards our men and women who go overseas and serve our nation, especially the ones who come back permanently injured and disfigured like Dan Crenshaw. Fiberglass limbs and eye patches and scars shouldn’t be punchlines, but a reminder once again that freedom still isn’t free and that we are very fortunate to have men and women who still sign on the dotted line and say ‘send me,’” Crane concluded.



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