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Guest Blog: Congressman Paul Ryan

Congressman Ryan (WI) is the Ranking Member from the Committee on the Budget, and the main designer of the American Roadmap. 

America is on an unsustainable fiscal course. Today, U.S. Congressman Paul Ryanthe unfunded liability of just our two largest entitlement programs – Medicare and Social Security – is $40 trillion. That’s nearly $400,000 for every household in the U.S., and this burden continues to grow every year Congress fails to act.


If we continue down this path and do nothing to reform these programs -- the federal government will double in size, shackling the country with a future of higher debt, higher taxation, and a lower standard of living.

It is unconscionable to leave our children with this type of future. America’s legacy has always been to leave the next generation better off than the one before it. Unfortunately, Congress’ unwillingness to address the nation’s entitlement crisis threatens to shatter this legacy. 

That’s why I’ve introduced A Roadmap for America’s Future, comprehensive legislation that seeks to transform the major federal entitlement programs, as well as the federal tax code.  My plan achieves three important goals: 1) it provides universal access to health care and saves Social Security and Medicare; 2) it lifts the looming debt burden off of future generations; and 3) it ensures America leads and continues to create jobs in an increasingly competitive global economy. 

Rather than working to address the unsustainable growth in the entitlement programs, many in Congress claim it’s not politically feasible to try to reform them in an election year. Well, it’s an election year every other year.  They make excuses, taking a pass on tackling a problem that is going to tackle us. 


Not Representative John Campbell.  He understands this problem and wants to fix it.  He has the courage to talk about what is necessary to address this problem, and I’m lucky to have him as a cosponsor on my bill. 

America has risen to overcome greater challenges in the past.  With the leadership from members like John Campbell and the ingenuity, strength and resolve of Americans, we can solve this problem and leave a greater legacy for our children and grandchildren.  

For more details on A Roadmap for America’s Future, please visit

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI)
Ranking Member
Committee on the Budget 

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