The Porkers are Still in Charge

Posted: Apr 01, 2008 3:38 PM

Despite support from Presidential Candidates on both sides; the Associated Press is reporting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has quietly put any hope of an earmark moratorium on ice. 

Over the past month, Pelosi has steadily increased her criticism of the controversial earmark system in Congress:

 “My patience is running out on earmarks….” (AP, 3/6/08)

Speaker Pelosi: “I'm not sure that I see a scenario in which there would be earmarks this year.” (The Washington Post, 3/14/08)

Speaker Pelosi “has signaled a growing weariness with the [earmark] debate and a desire to take the issue off the table going into the November elections. (Politico, 3/11/08)

“House Dems consider forcing vote on earmarks. House Democratic leaders have grown irritated at … calls for earmark reform by Republicans, and are contemplating … a moratorium on pet spending projects.” (The Hill, 3/6/08)

It just goes to show, that the porkers are still in charge of the Democrats and they still retain significant influence with Republican leadership.  Otherwise, we would have had an earmark moratorium by now.

Thus far 38 Members of the House (4 Democrats & 34 Republicans) have voluntarily taken a pledge to halt their requests for earmarks.