Matthew Lesko's Dream Budget

Posted: Mar 05, 2008 2:54 PM

I just gave a speech to the Budget Committee on my thoughts on the Democrat budget proposal. 

Today’s Democratic budget is doing one thing, digging the spending hole we are already in, deeper.  All the while maintaining the illusion that that this tax-and-spend plan is somehow doing Americans a great service.

This reminds me of a commercial by a man by the name of Matthew Lesko.  This commercial was filmed right here on the west Front of the Capitol.

Mr. Lesko clearly makes a great living publishing books that tell people how to get their hands on government money.  The commercial says. “Let Matthew Lesko be your guide to join the millions each year who get Free Money, Grants, Loans, Giant Contracts and Free Assistance from the Federal Government.

Here are some of his book titles:

       Free Money for Business

       Free Money for a Better Home

       Free money to Pay your Bills…

…and my personal favorite, Free Money to Quit Your Job. But the direction perpetuated by this commercial – and once again furthered by this majority’s budget – is that the government’s money is free.  Regardless of the fancy words we use in Washington to talk about our spending – like “baseline” and “pay-as-you-go” it’s the American taxpayer who gets stuck with the bill.

The Majority’s budget is a $683 billion tax hike – the largest in our nation’s history. Mr. Lasko may think that the money is free, and many Democrats believe that the money is free. But its not. Either someone pays with more taxes now, or someone pays with debt later; and we already are paying too much of both.