Roger Clemens: Congress' #1 Priority

Posted: Feb 13, 2008 4:00 PM

The Roger Clemens Congressional hearing just ended here on Capitol Hill after four hours of nail biting testimony.

Why is Congress spending time on baseball?  We have a deficit that is now heading back up over $400 billion. We have unsustainable programs in Social Security and Medicare. We have no control over our immigration policies and radical terrorists around the world who want to kill us.

The why is clear. It's great spectacle and generates lots of publicity and attention for members of Congress. But Major League Baseball is a private enterprise, albeit one with a federally granted monopoly. The products alleged to have been used are legal with a prescription.

It seems to me that this is an issue for baseball to work out in its own rules to please its customers, the fans. It is not something that rises to the level of Congressional investigations.

But gee, if we didn't do this people might spend more time looking at earmarks and overspending. Now we wouldn't want that would we?

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