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Earmark Reform Pledge

I just got back from a press conference this morning where Citizens against Government Waste (CAGW), unveiled their Earmark Reform Pledge - a list of 10 common sense reforms which addresses how Congress spends taxpayer dollars.  I was the first to sign this pledge which requires all members who sign to fully disclose all requests for special funding or tax benefits on their congressional websites.

One of the integral parts of the CAGW pledge calls for the support of legislation that will end the linkage between campaign contributions and earmarks.  In past blogs I have commented on the connection between earmarks and contributions. This is a step towards eliminating the corruption and abuse of the earmarking system. 

The CAGW pledge also requires members not to request earmarks or tax breaks for specific private entities.  In the fiscal year 2008 defense spending bill (HR 3222) there are nearly $2 billion worth of earmarks for 600 different companies.  These 600 earmarks would not be allowed under this pledge. 

Congressman John Campbell


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