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'The Revenue Raiser', aka Tax Hike

Recently, there has been much debate over the children’s healthcare proposal.  I personally did not support this legislation for a variety of reasons; however one reason that really caught my eye was the funding mechanism for this improperly named SCHIP bill. 

In order to fund this drastic and fiscally irresponsible expansion of SCHIP, it requires the inclusion of a “sin tax” on smoking.  Now, I personally don’t smoke and have never smoked, but we all have habits or hobbies that someone else might consider a “sin”.  What is happening here is an attempt by the majority of people who don’t smoke to tax those that do.

You will no doubt see many more attempts by Democrats to mandate “sin” taxes. But, even if you don’t smoke, keep in mind that we all have things we like to do, eat, or drink that are not good for us.

We should stand against these punitive taxes on the enjoyment of others.  Here is a list of the proposed taxes on tobacco in order to fund SCHIP:

  • cigars from 20.719% to 53% with a $3 per cigar cap;
  • cigarettes from 39 cents to $1;
  • cigarette papers from 1.22 cents to 3.13 cents;
  • cigarette tubes from 2.44 cents to 6.26 cents;
  • snuff from 58.5 cents to $1.50;
  • chewing tobacco from 19.5 cents to 50 cents;
  • pipe tobacco from $1.0969 to $2.8126; and
  • roll-your-own tobacco from $1.0969 to $8.8889

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