National Tax Foundation: Average Federal Tax Burden $17,000 per household

Posted: Apr 09, 2007 3:20 PM

The National Tax Foundation released a study today revealing the average tax burden for households in each congressional district. The numbers are striking. In the city of Stamford, Connecticut the average household pays $82,745 to Uncle Sam each year, while in Mission, Texas they pay on average $7,238 per household.
One part of the report that I am not particularly proud of is that the district I represent in Congress has the ninth highest level of taxation in the country at $40,013 per household. Just imagine what a small portion of that money could do if these families had the liberty to decide how they wanted to spend it. They could use it to help make their mortgage payment, buy braces for the kids, start a business, give to a charity, save for college -- the options are endless. Instead, much of it is going to the black hole of federal bureaucracy and government waste.
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