Swedish Supreme Court Subpoenas Assange

Posted: Dec 02, 2010 2:14 PM
Julian Assange has been ordered by the Swedish Supreme Court to address charges of rape and sexual harassment, which were recently launched at him by two Swedish women. According to the Washington Post, Swedish authorities are penning a  "red notice" for Assange's arrest to Interpol, the international anti-crime cooperative. Britain, where Assange is rumored to be hiding out, has said that it cannot comply with the notice unless the Swedes flesh out their case more thoroughly.

Meanwhile, Assange is being as evasive as possible. WaPo:
Before the [Swedish] women came forward, Assange had sought a Swedish residence visa, hoping to benefit from the country's strong protection of press freedoms. But since then, he has been traveling constantly and staying below the radar, popping up in London, appearing on a videoconference in Amman, Jordan, and answering questions from Time magazine via Skype, reluctant to show himself in flesh and blood.
Perhap's he's reluctant to show himself in flesh and blood because he's reluctant for any of his blood to be spilled by the hordes of angry government officials hankering for it.