Marco Rubio Wins

Posted: Nov 02, 2010 8:12 PM
It was predictable and glorious; this conservative heartthrob is up 50-29% over Crist with 20% of precincts reporting. That's enough to call the race in a state who's returns come in near the front of the pack.

Could Marco run for President in 2012? That would mean he's only got two years of being a Senator under his belt — two less than President Obama before he ran in 2008. But he's got more momentum than just about any other candidate right now. His victory night blowout that issued more than 300 press credentials — 75 from foreign outlets — underscores the amount of attention that has been lavished on this conservative candidate.

Here's a snipped from his concession speech:

We know that tonight, the power in the U.S. House of Republicans will change hands. We know tonight that growing number of Republicans will serve in the Senate as well. And we make a great mistake if we believe that these results tonight are an embrace of the Republican Party. these results represent a second chance for the Republican Party.

Meanwhile, Daniel Webster is beating Alan Grayson by fourteen points with almost eighty percent of precincts reporting. That kind of whopping never came to a more deserving candidate. Suzanne Kosmos lost to Republican Sandy Adams by a healthy margin; anyone who has been watching that race could've predicted it. The gubernatorial race is still too close to call, as is the second district between Steve Southerland and Allen Boyd.