ON THE TRAIL: Bill Clinton Is Probably Not The Right Card To Play In PA-11

Posted: Oct 26, 2010 2:54 PM
Bill Clinton is in Pennsylvania today, stumping for Rep. Paul Kanjorski in the hotly contested 11th district. Lou Barletta, the Republican candidate who is challenging him, isn’t threatened. Here's what Barletta told me at a campaign event last night:
The senior citizens that I’ve talked to are tough. They’re not happy that they’re going to get a cost of living increase on Social Security…. But what they don’t like even more than that is someone telling them what to do. Don’t mess with their grandchildren… they don’t like the spending. These people have a bulls eye on what Washington is doing.
Barletta's internal polls have him up 10 points. He was up in the last polls he ran against Kanjorski in 2008, but the Democrat had Obama on his side that time around. This time, Obama is working against him, which makes the Bill Cilnton appearance all the more boggling...