Governor, Senate, And House Primaries In Wisconsin

Jillian Bandes
Posted: Sep 13, 2010 8:16 AM
Officials are expecting record-high turnout in Wisconsin's Tuesday primaries, with the Mark Neumann / Scott Walker GOP gubernatorial primary matchup as one of the marquee races. I love Walker's adamant opposition to high-speed rail — a pet issue of mine from my home state of Florida, who is disasterously trying to implement a high-speed rail of their own. Neumann also has a great business background. But Walker's propensity towards tax-cuts and experience getting it done is a notch in his belt this year. It's clear that either of these guys would be a good choice. As of now, they're both polling ahead of the presumptive Democratic nominee, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.

In the Senate, incumbent Democrat Russ Feingold is facing an challenge from either Dave Westlake or Ron Johnson, who's backgrounds and qualifications couldn't be more different. Westlake is running a shoestring campaign, and Johnson has barged into the scene with a truckload of cash and the establishment's support. Despite Fiengold's ethics problems, he's about neck-and-neck with Johnson in the polls.

Don't forget about the two northern Congressional districts in the Badger State, currently held by Rep. Dave Obey (D) who is retiring, and Rep. Steve Kagan (D). Both of these seats are strong GOP pickups, and we'll have more on the races before the polls close at 9pm EST tomorrow.