No, Sarah Palin Is Not Running For President

Posted: Sep 02, 2010 8:48 AM
The rumors that Sarah's recent trip to Iowa indicate presidential ambitions are, as Sarah's own PAC points out, "ridiculous." She spoke to the Iowa GOP because of a longstanding invitation, not because she wanted to caucus them. Even if you ignored the fact that it's way to early for her to announce, Palin's approval ratings are in the 60%-negative and 25%-positive range — yes, that's a 60 Minutes / Vanity Fair poll, but even if they're wildly off the mark, she's still a polarizing figure.

The Palin-for-President rumor was sparked by a Vanity Fair piece that centered on Glenn Beck's trip to Anchorage on the anniversary of 9/11. Both Beck and Palin were being coy about the purposes of the trip, and so speculation naturally emerged that there was some kind of announcement. Beck just admitted last week, however, that he would be "un-electable," and when you are that "un-electable" you stay away from candidates who actually might be announcing their Presidential ambitions.

....I think.