Is Glenn Beck Your Spiritual Leader?

Posted: Aug 31, 2010 7:37 AM
That's the point suggested Michael Boorstein of the Washington Post, who quoted a number of conservative commentators who seemed to imply that Beck was gravitating towards religious leadership instead of political leadership..
Conservative Christian talk radio was crackling with debate about Beck's Mormonism. Religious progressives were assailing his attacks on President Obama's Christianity. Scholars of religion and politics were analyzing Beck's evangelical-like talk of being saved from drug and alcohol addiction. Some pastor-bloggers were bemoaning what they consider the conflation of celebrity, politics and spirituality.
It's true that Beck has added a morning prayer to his radio talk show, and that his event on Saturday had a very religious appeal. I'd like to toss this one out to the our readers: do you think Beck is more of a religious than a political leader?