HuffPo Economist: Conservatives Are Lazy Because They Haven't Fixed The Economy

Posted: Jul 16, 2010 8:40 AM

Stephen Harrington's words degrade into blabbery, but his opening salvo is worth laughing at:

From the right wing punditry to the Republicans in government, all conservatives are expounding the intellectual flatulence that "unemployment compensation makes people lazy." One is doubtless tempted to offer the obvious rejoinder, "there are no jobs for the unemployed to take," or "there are six applicants for every job opening in the country." Maybe screaming would make it more satisfying. Somehow the act of applying for jobs creates more jobs?

Let me suggest something else to the Republicans and to our gutless press. The fact that they're obviously not trying very hard to do anything for the American people in this Great Recession means that they are not trying hard enough. It means that they are, in fact, lazy.
If failing to increase our national debt — and crippling job growth — via monsterous government programs counts as laziness, I'm happy to brand our entire party as a bunch of deadbeats.
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