Super Duper Tuesday Evening

Posted: Jun 08, 2010 7:45 PM
The first polls to close are in George, South Carolina, and Virginia. Notably, GOP establishment pick Robert Hurt, in VA's 5th Congressional district, has established a wide lead with a little over 50% of precincts reporting. Scott Rigell in Virginia's 2nd seems to have a much more difficult battle. Of course, everyone's on edge for the results of South Carolina's governorship, where it'll be clear whether rockstar Nikki Haley has to face off against former Rep. Gresham Barret in a runoff.

The South Carolina governor's race brings me to my favorite line of the campaigns so far — from the lovely Chris Good over at the Atlantic. Blogging about Haley, Good says, "it's not completely clear that she has tons of friends."

Except Jenny Sanford, Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney, and all these other people.... also, since when does Good consider himself informed about Haley's social circles?

USA Today is reporting that turnout is higher than usual in South Carolina and in Nevada, where Angle, Tarkanian, and Lowden are slugging it out. They're saying Angle and Haley could benefit from more ballots being cast.