Special Election In PA Only Gets Hotter

Posted: May 18, 2010 2:21 PM
The special election in Pennsylvania tonight gets better and better. Republican Tim Burns and Democrat Mark Critz are within a point of each other in the polls, and a strong showing is expected to benefit Critz. That's because Republican's are already mobilized, and stronger Democratic turnout could work in their favor. From Geraghty:
The sense is that this is Tim Burns has run a good campaign and now has to overcome the tough demographics of the district; if turnout is low, Burns should win; if turnout is medium, it will be close; and if turnout is high, Democrat Mark Critz should win.

...I’m told not to worry if the earliest returns, heavily from Johnstown, favor Critz; Washington County and the Pittsburgh suburbs should be better for Burns, but their results will probably be reported later in the evening.