39% Would Re-Elect Obama

Posted: May 07, 2010 8:29 AM
A new Allstate / National Journal Heartland Monitor poll showed that 39% of American voters would re-elect Obama's, and 50% would vote for someone else.

What does National Journal say about this poll? Here's their own Ron Brownstein:
The questions for the GOP, though, are how much of that reaction is a permanent ideological rejection of Obama's agenda, and how much is temporary disappointment that it has not yet produced more results.
So, just because voters don't like Obama doesn't mean they actually don't like Obama? It's either that, or voters are confused over whether they simply don't like Obama's ideology or don't like the fact that his ideology hasn't produced more results. The analysis continues:
...Those findings suggest that if the budding economic recovery accelerates, the GOP's rightward march could leave it on shaky ground with voters focused more on results than ideology. It's possible such a dynamic could help Democrats in November (especially in affluent districts), but it's more likely to lift Obama in 2012.
So, the GOP exploiting the fact that voters don't like Obama will put the GOP on shaky ground? And Obama's dwindling popularity could lift him in 2012? I don't think so.

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