Stupak's Concession Speech

Posted: Mar 21, 2010 5:43 PM
It sounded like he just lost an election. Which he very well might have.
There was a principle that meant more to us than any piece of legislation: the sanctity of life.... Today, the president announced he will be signing an executive order.... to reinforce that principle that we all stood on.
This executive order goes into effect after the health care bill is passed, because there weren't enough votes in the House to make it happen. This extra-Congressional measure is a sly legislative trick — without it, Obamacare might have stalled.

Under the executive order, health care community centers would not perform abortions. Public funds would not be appropriated for the procedure. And religious entities that perform medical services could not be prosecuted for their adherence to a conscience clause. As Kevin mentioned, only time will tell whether these objections are actually respected.

"The real victory here, or the real winner, is the American people," said Stupak.

If only.
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