1,600 Apartments Shouldn't Cause This Much Of A Problem

Posted: Mar 16, 2010 9:56 AM
The U.S. is overreacting to Israel's plans to build 1,600 settlements in east Jerusalem.

Israel's construction announcement for apartments in east Jerusalem, which came during Vice President Joe Biden's trip to the region, was badly timed. But the only reason that there's been such a stink about it is because of the timing. Latching on to east Jerusalem like it might save their fledging nation is a desperate move by the Palestinians that hasn't ever gained traction. Now is just a convenient time to exploit it.

Building settlements in the region doesn't show any good will on the part of the Israelis. But the reaction has been similar to if Israel had nuclear bombed all of Gaza and the West Bank. A U.S. diplomatic trip has been canceled because of the uproar, and the issue is now a pastime of Members of Congress. It's too much. Israel is an ally, and it made a bad PR move. It's time to slap them on the wrist, and move on.