Tea Party Convention: I Am Your Neighbor

Posted: Feb 05, 2010 12:27 PM
Attendees aren't really aware of the criticism that has been launched at the Tea Party Convention. They're mainly being informed about the brou-ha-ha through convention speakers, who have taken every opportunity to punch back — like Mark Skoda, head of the Memphis tea party group.
We've come so far in the world of socialist values that we're now criticizing a for-profit event. We've put 6,000 of our dollars into the Gaylord hotel. We didn't ask for a tax benefit, a subsidy, or a stimulus.
Conclusion: the only people who are disappointed in the event are the media. The actual convention-goers themselves are pretty happy with the whole shebang.

Then there was the woman in Rick Scarbourough's break-out session, who launched an angry screed at Washington, the media, and tea party critics.
For those who don't know why we're here, I'll tell them. You know what we're here for? A little bit of R&R. Revival and revolt.
Skoda called Barack Obama the "Pearl Harbor" moment for conservatives.
[Political parties] have observable behaviours that are out of syc with America's values. The lack of responsible government today is due to the fact that we dont know who we vote for.... we do it on the basis of a party, not on the basis of a person.
Skoda, the best speaker so far, got his point across in 10 minutes.  It takes the average convention-goer even less time to explain why they think this movement is important. Glenn, who drove in from Ohio, told me he was here because, quite simply, he thought it was a good idea. The convention was on his way to visit grandkids in Virginia. He hadn't seen any media coverage, and had no clue that anyone was criticizing the event.

Other speakers have been rousing, to say the least. Former Rep. Tom Tancredo, who spoke last night, made people jump to their feet — not the kind of sluggish, drag-your-feet kind of bringing to your feet, but the kind where people jump, and can't wait to start clapping.  Tancredo didn't mince words: everyone is wrong. Barack Hussein Obama, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, John McCain — even thanking God that McCain didn't win the 2008 election.  He brought up his literacy test — a kickback to his failed 2008 presidential campaign — and insisted that the attendees were part of a counterrevolution.

Steve Milloy, science commentator for Fox News, gave an impressive rant on global warming. He took down everything from junk science to school indoctrination, and if you read any of the faces in the crowd, you could see it was a welcome morning jolt.

And then there was Rick Scarborough, who took 20 minutes to explain why he spends 90% of his time and resources trying to get preachers to preach politics, in addition to bible verse. Not speaking about politics from the pulpit is not just "denying history, but the reality of God's world."
I firmly believe that the 10 commandments were not just God's 10 suggestions. There comes a time in a nation's existence where is they forsake God long enough, God will start to forsake them.

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