I'm A Tax Cutter, Cap And Trade Could Include Offshore Drilling, Bear vs. Caribou

Posted: Jan 27, 2010 9:37 PM
Obama on taxes: "I did not raise them by a single dime!" "NOT A SINGLE DIME, I SAY!"

Let's see:
  • He didn't want to extend the Bush tax cuts.
  • He implemented the cigarette tax almost immediately after he took office.
  • He wanted en energy tax to fund cap-and-trade legislation.
  • Until last week, he was banking on health care legislation that would balloon taxes faster than you can say "preexisting condition."
Also: " Even if ya doubt the evidence, providing incentives for clean energy..." is worth it. Because then America won't be energy independent. He even included the possibility of nuclear or offshore drilling. That's new — so, if we save polar bears, maybe we can take some oil from caribou country. I'm now thinking of an Avatar-like matchup between a 3D polar bear and a raging caribou. Curious.
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