Carrie Prejean Needs A Job

Posted: Nov 11, 2009 2:18 PM
Dan Calabrese makes a great point:
When Carrie Prejean had expressed an opinion on a social/political issue that is unacceptable to the American left, she found herself ...[amongst] a collection of people who can, must and will have their entire lives scoured for any example of “hypocrisy.”

You and I think hypocrisy is when you say one thing and do another...but that’s not the definition that applies here.

The definition that applies here works like this: She is a conservative and a Christian. Conservatives and Christians are judgmental prudes who a) claim to be perfect; and b) judge everyone else for not being perfect. So it doesn’t matter that she never denounced topless photos. It doesn’t matter that she never denounced “sex tapes.” Every prudish, judgmental belief that has ever been imagined by a critic of Christians and conservatives is hereby ascribed to Carrie Prejean. Anything she has ever done in contradiction of these imagined beliefs thereby proves her hypocrisy.

Conclusion: Gay marriage is awesome. And all because TMZ has a video of Carrie Prejean masturbating. It’s good to be alive.

Prejean strikes me as being rational and pretty and self-confident and energetic. She could work on her public speaking skills a bit, but, that's not a big deal. I'm just not sure what role she's supposed to serve other than someone who made a stand and then got unfairly slammed by the left. She seems like she'd be a good spokesperson for... something... but what?

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