"Yesterday was very big."

Posted: Nov 04, 2009 11:59 AM
In a conference call this morning, GOPAC Chairman Frank Donatelli said that yesterday's elections were a clear message for Washington.
Make no mistake, the American people said no to Washington’s ruinous fiscal policies... perhaps moderates in Congress will think twice before rubber stamping Obama’s plans.
Nancy Pelosi and Bacak Obama will be little help to moderate Democrats in 2010, he said, meaning that there's no Obama "star power" to rely on when so many of those Blue Dogs are up for re-election.

Independent voters went to Mcdonnell over Deeds 63-36% and independents voted for Christie over Corzine 58-33% yesterday. That means the groundswell of conservative support that had been building up since the summer really does translate into cold, hard votes during election time. It also means that widespread disillusionment with fiscal, foreign, and domestic policies means -- lo and behold -- the people installing those policies are more likely to get booted out.
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