If This Is True, It's The Best Thing That Has Happened To The GOP In Maybe Forever

Posted: Oct 30, 2009 2:36 PM
Rumor has it that the NRCC is pulling its support from Scozzafava.

A source familiar with GOP efforts in the region claims that the NRCC -- the official GOP organization responsible for getting Republicans elected to national office -- has stopped running ads against Hoffman. They've stopped schlepping volunteers up to the abysmal tundra that is upstate New York to lobby for Scozzy. They've pretty much stopped all other efforts on behalf of Scozzy -- press releases, media efforts, pats on the back.

In other words, they've stopped staking the national party's hopes and dreams on a candidate who no self-respecting Republican anywhere could possibly cast a vote for.

Of course, Scozzy's campaign said the rumor is false. Developing....
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