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Posted: Oct 07, 2009 9:41 AM
This is certainly filed under the "Things I'm Thrilled My Government Is Doing." Set to the tune of some kind of new age guitar music, this video explains the new White House Kitchen Garden, which D.C. area students can take a tour of every Tuesday and Thursday morning.

I understand the idea of trying to get young kids to eat healthy food. But I don't really want the White House's main legacy in the mind of an impressionable young kid to be: "Wow, they really grow delicious carrots there!" What about the practicality of such a garden — I can imagine an inner-city kid thinking, "Well, I don't have a backyard, so I guess I can't eat that way!" Here's the Washington Post's Dana Millbank:
The promotion of organic and locally grown food, though an admirable cause, is a risky one for the Obamas, because there's a fine line between promoting healthful eating and sounding like a snob.
Most importantly, what about the expense? Why am I shelling out my hard-earned dough so Michelle Obama can pull her garden shoes on and promote her latest self-indulgent, do-gooder project?

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