Trumka's World Getting Fuzzy

Posted: Sep 02, 2009 6:49 PM
I've posted before on this annoying union dude, Richard Trumka, who thinks he rules the world. Well, now it turns out that he doesn't even rule his own world. From ABC:
...Trumka said that one particularly controversial part of the bill – known as card-check, allowing workers to unionize by signing authorization cards – is not critical to passing an effective bill.  Card-check ‘may, it may not be’ part of the final bill, he said.
It has already been established that card check has died, in a long, painful process involving millions of union members, thousands of media types, and several dead cats. Union members themselves have admitted to this.

But in Trumka's world, none of that exists. He's still dancing around and thinking it "may be" part of the bill. Must be nice to live in such an alternative reality.

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