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OMB Director Peter Orzag just insisted that the government is insistent that they'll insist that any health care plan the administration puts forth will be completely, totally, no-doubt budget-neutral. If it
isn't budget neutral, NO ONE WILL TOUCH IT WITH A TEN FOOT POLE. He promises. Swears. Crosses his heart.

But he doesn't stop there. Orzag promises that any health care plan will not only prove budget-neutral, but will actually serve to reduce the deficit! It's incredible! After spending more money on health care, we'll actually be in less debt.

I'm open to the idea that spending some money now may save money in the long-run. But we're talking about a massively expansive government program that will touch nearly every Amercan in the red, white and blue, which, unless one ignores nearly every example in the history book, will quickly and surely eat up monsterous amounts of cash. Simply stating, point blank, that one of the main reasons to pass health care is to help reduce the deficit is ludicrous.

HT: Kaus

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