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Americans Don't Believe Obama's Tax Promises

Two questions asked by a Fox News poll give new insight into what Americans are thinking with regards to the Obama administration's attitudes towards tax increases. Here were the questions and responses.

"Do you think your taxes will go up or down under the Obama Administration?"

75%    Up
16%    Down
9%      Don't know

"During the presidential election, then-candidate Obama said that if he
were elected ninety-five percent of Americans 'will not see their taxes
increase by a single dime.' Do you think Obama is going to keep that
campaign promise or not?"

26%   Yes
69%   No
5%     Don't know

Brendan Buck, a spokesman for the Republican Study Committee, had this to say about the results.
It doesn't take an advanced degree in economics to see what's coming from this administration. Contrary to their promises, with this much, spending it won't take long to run out of "rich" people to tax. After that, we all know who is next.

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