Cassy Fiano Makes A Good Point About Meghan McCain, But It's Not Good Enough

Posted: Aug 11, 2009 1:14 PM
Cassy Fiano's case for why Meghan McCain stinks is probably more compelling than my case for why McCain is simply an amusing, if annoying, anthropological experiment in the Republican party. But I still think I'm right. From Cassy:
Meghan: when you go on The View or The Colbert Report or any of your other media appearances and bash the GOP, yes, you are starting the fight. If you are “sick of the infighting”, then why all the criticisms? Why do you constantly sell out the rest of the party and put down conservatives?

...The problem with you, Meghan, is that you offer nothing of substance or value. You complain and bicker and point fingers, but you offer no alternatives except pre-packaged talking points. You’re for gay marriage? Great, then how about you give us a brilliant dissertation on how to reconcile the pro-gay marriage stance with the Christian wing of the GOP. You love bikers? That’s fantastic, now how about you give us some kind of insight into your thoughts on some heavier topics, like perhaps cap-and-trade or Obama’s government run health care plan?

Meghan never discusses these things, she simply plays a negative blame game...she has no deep political thoughts. And that’s why we ALL want her to SHUT UP.
I'll admit; McCain is frequently vapid, and doesn't often address issues of substance. In that sense, yes, I can see how she may not reflect grandly upon the Republican Party. But do I really want her to shut up? I can't say that I do, and that in itself is an excellent reason for why she should stick around. McCain is nutty, and doesn't come off as particularly knowledgeable, but she's a spectacle -- and I like that. Where else do you get someone who markets herself as a politico -- a Republican, no less -- who talks about how attractive she finds bikers, and asks her 50,000 Twitter followers what they think of leather leggings for her date that night? Who else do we have that infuses some culture into the politics in such an accesible manner -- Christina Hoff Sommers? Sommers is an incredible scholar, and one who I've sung the praises of time and time again, but Sommers is about as far from a pop icon as you can get. Anne Coulter? Well, yes, but McCain is a very different animal who appeals to a very different demographic -- moderates -- who, quite frankly, we could stand to win back in the next election. Cassy says as much later on in her post:
The youth did not win the election last year for Barack Obama. Neither did disgruntled moderate Republicans. What won the election for Barack Obama was your typical middle-class family, who wavers back and forth between center-left and center-right, and bought into his whole package of unity, hope, and change.
I'd be able to put my affection for shiny objects aside if I really thought McCain was doing us harm. But she's not. Waffling independents may think "McCain is stupid" but at least they'll know that some Republicans do support more moderate stances on social issues, and those independents may feel more at home. Republicans on the far right sure aren't going to hop over to the Left to disassociate with McCain. So if McCain can do her thang while the rest of us watch her Twitter feed with amusement, I think it's a net benefit.