McArdle "hates the poor and wants them to die so that all her rich friends can use their bodies as mulch for their diamond ranches."

Posted: Jul 29, 2009 9:16 AM
If you read nothing else today, read Megan McArdle's "Long, Long Post About My Reasons for Opposing National Health Care" in it's entirety. There are several great sections to the post, but I'll just cop these two gems:

On the ability of the government to achieve health innovations that are currently produced by a private market:
Maybe government institutions could be made to produce innovations; I certainly think it's worth trying Dean Baker's suggestion that we should let the government try to set up an alternate scheme for drug discovery.  Prizes also seem promising.  But I want to see them work first, not after we've permanently broken the system.  The one industry where the government is the sole buyer, defense, does not have an encouraging record of cost-effective, innovative procurement
On elites thinking that getting people to slim down will be a cure-all for health care costs:
Living a fit, active life is correlated with being healthier.  But then, as an economist recently pointed out to me, so is being religious, being married, and living in a small town; how come we don't have any programs to promote these "healthy lifestyles"?  When you listen to obesity experts, or health wonks, talk, their assertions boil down to the idea that overweight people are either too stupid to understand why they get fat, or have not yet been made sufficiently aware of society's disgust for their condition.  Yet this does not describe any of the overweight people I have ever known, including the construction workers and office clerks at Ground Zero.
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