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Shooting At Capitol As Soto Hearings Close

It reportedly occurred on the Senate side. No word whether or not it was near the Judiciary Committee hearings, or why the shooting took place. Apparently a white Mercedes crashed, ten shots were fired, and a white man was put in an ambulance.

Capitol police are working to block off a section of streets near the Capitol, and have sealed off some entrances to the Capitol itself.

Let's pray this isn't the doing of a crazed anti-abortion protester. What a step in the wrong direction for the cause of life.

UPDATE: The incident was not politically motivated, according to police. A theft occurred at Union Station, a large shopping center and metro hub right near the Capitol. The thief escaped in a car and was pursued by police until they emerged from their car with a gun and began shooting. Police returned fire, and the suspect was taken down. More updates as we get them.

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