Food Stamps for Strikers

Posted: Jul 08, 2009 5:32 PM
Rep. Joe Baca (D-Calif.) wants to automatically give food stamps to workers on strike. What better incentive to line the pockets of corrupt union bosses and abandon your job in pursuit of grossy higher pay than you deserve? This little gem, the Worker Eligibility Fairness Act, is being tucked into the 2008 Food and Nutrition Act, which is the feds' code for "food stamps."
“America’s working families are suffering through the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression,” said Rep. Baca.  “It is important the federal government is there to lend a helping hand to those courageous individuals who exercise their right to strike in order to create a better life for themselves and their families.”
Apparently "courage" is Baca's word for union-sponsored strikes that leave American businesses in shambles and further destroy the U.S. economy.
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