Scientology Exposed

Posted: Jun 22, 2009 9:49 AM
From my hometown newspaper, a groundbreaking story about the lies, corruption and violence of the Scientology cult. Worth a read in full, but this addendum is especially telling:

Two reporters met [Scientology-defector Mike] Rinder in Denver, where he now lives, but he declined to be interviewed. About a month later, two Washington-based lawyers who work for the church showed up unannounced in Denver, informed Rinder that they had heard about the newspaper's visit and asked what he had revealed.

They reminded him that as one of the church's top legal officers, attorney-client privilege did not end when he left the church. They told him he could hurt the church by going public.

Weeks later, after the church provided the newspaper with a 2007 video of Rinder heatedly denying that [Church leader David] Miscavige hit him and others, Rinder decided to talk to the Times.