National Journal Shows Split in Conservative Bloggers on Gay Marriage

Posted: Apr 17, 2009 2:44 PM
Equal numbers of conservative bloggers support and oppose gay marriage, according to a National Journal survey poll released today. Forty percent of the conservative bloggers surveyed said the GOP should avoid the issue altogether.

Kristen Soltis, a pollster at the Winston Group, wasn't surprised with the results because bloggers are usually young, and young conservatives tend to have more centrist views on social policies. "While age tends to be a very big factor in how voters overall look at homosexuality and gay marriage, a majority of young Republican voters are still uncomfortable with it," she said. "Some think of conservatism in the more libertarian, free-market sense while others look at it as a movement devoted to preserving or defending pieces of American culture, things like the idea of the traditional heterosexual relationship."

The National Journal quoted John Henke of The Next Right in support of gay marriage:
"We ought to distinguish between the religious conceptions of marriage (a sacred union) and the civil conception (a contract bestowing obligations and benefits). Ideally, the government would not be involved in the religious conception of marriage; failing that, the Republican Party should support extending the legal privileges and obligations of such relationships."

In opposition, Bookworm from the Bookworm Room:
"I believe absolutely in giving gay couples the full panoply of legal rights available to straight couples, and I believe those rights should be recognized from one state to another. I am equally firm in my conviction that marriage is an ancient and unique institution, and one inextricably intertwined with religion, and that the state should not redefine marriage to suit the political whims of the moment."
The Journal also surveyed bloggers on whether or not the Obama administration should tackle the immigration issue this year. Check it all out here.